I miss you.

Well to be fair, I have to say, I feel very lonely being alone.
I miss the time we spent together. I miss your hugs and your warmth.
I wish you could be here hugging me right now.

However, I do not regret being with you, but I also do not regret leaving you.
You never knew how much I suffer from this relationship.

You may think I chose to leave you because you did not spend enough time with me,
You may think I chose to leave you because you were not a very clingy girlfriend.
In fact, your assumptions are all wrong.
I left because you never gave me enough confidence to be able to trust you,
in fact, what you did had even lowered the value of my trust on you.
I could never believed that you weighed me with another guy and you chose me because I have better qualities.
The longer I have spent with you, the less I felt I worth to you,
It felt like I could be replaced anytime by anyone when you feel like it.

You did not treasure me when I was still with you,
so please do not complain and ask why I chose to leave you.
You deserve to be treated like this, and you do not deserve anymore of my love.
I have had enough.

I do love you, but I will never be with you again,
it was torturing dating you, every single moments of it after the trust was gone.

Just like what you said to me many times…


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